Photography From a Different Perspective

Taking pictures in games has become essentially just as important to me as actual photographs. They still carry that same feel of capturing a moment in time where you stopped to appreciate where you were. I wondered how serious other people took this medium of photography (if we can even call it that) and I’m glad that Gideon Jacobs is here to answer that question! Take a look how he explains video game photography and its importance.

Names in Numbers

Nick Cave, a black artist who tackles the social injustices of racism with the power of art, creates an intricate piece of work from 7,000 name tags that spells out the well known phrase “Love Thy Neighbor”. It symbolizes the connectivity of the community he lives in and how he shares his space with others that he cares about. The piece comes out to be around a “70-foot-long mosaic” that is an inspiring sight for all to appreciate. We will always need more representation of our POC and LGBTQ artists, no matter the substance, so check him out.

Elderly and Artsy

For anyone who follows the art enigma, Banksy, you will be glad to know he’s created another piece which seems to be inspired by the pandemic held world we live in today. Around December 10th, he posted on his Instagram a picture of his work, which depicts an old lady sneezing and her dentures following suit. The street artist is known for making art relevant to our world and how he perceives it, so checking out more of his work would never hurt. I personally gained interest in the artist back in an art history class as a freshman and loved him ever since, so I think his works are something to take a look at!

Coloring for A Painter’s Home

The “Black Painter’s Academy” was created by Azikiwe Mohammed and is planned to be an educational establishment to help give art students the most in-depth artistic learning experience, without them ever spending a dime. However, there’s still a long way to go in order to fund an entire profit-free institution and all it’s supplies. So, with the minds of a few artists and respectively Alva Calymayor, they came up with the idea to produce coloring pages with the talents of many minorities. You can download them for $10 on their website and with their fundraiser having reached over $22,000, there’s a bright future for Mohammed and Calymayor’s dream. I admire this creative idea, not the first thing I would’ve thought of but I’m glad a lot of people are into books and coloring.

Hello World!

Here at Greensboro College, students and faculty are expanding the ways in which we share our student’s perspectives on Art and their experiences in the creation of their artwork, with the world.

We have had the idea to create a virtual student platform for some time, we envisioned it to be a place where critical ideas, individual musings, virtual exhibits and other relevant news could be collected and shared. Perhaps it was our current situation with Covid-19, and all of the disconnectedness we have been feeling as a result, that got us to finally commit to this endeavor. However it began, we are excited to venture into this new territory and hope you follow along as it develops.

We welcome discussion and invite you to also follow us on our Social Media pages as well as contact us for more information on anything you find here.