Artistically Speaking: What Makes “Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart” A Rift In The Wrong Direction?

Have you ever been REALLY good at something but then you start to feel that you’ll slowly lose the ability to do it? That’s a common issue with most artists or really anyone who creates consistently. But the magic is that there may not be thousands of others who think the same as you do.Continue reading “Artistically Speaking: What Makes “Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart” A Rift In The Wrong Direction?”

Artistically Speaking: So This Is Essentially Epithet Erased

Back in late 2019 and early 2020, things in life weren’t going so great for lil’ old me. However, one saving grace was a short but sweet Youtube series called “Epithet Erased”. It was a show that came from Brendan Blaber, or better known under his Youtube name “JelloApocalypse”, who created the famous “So ThisContinue reading “Artistically Speaking: So This Is Essentially Epithet Erased”

Artistically Speaking: How Vivo Takes The Spotlight

Animated movies usually grab my attention out of all other types of media. There is usually just a lot more to love and observe the ways different animation studios create their movies to make them special. At least that’s how I approach them, and most of the time, I’m disappointed. The overall stigma with cartoonsContinue reading “Artistically Speaking: How Vivo Takes The Spotlight”

Artistically Speaking: The Importance of Originality with Nickelodeon All Star Brawl

A popular genre of video games are fighting games; They collect a specific fanbase unlike any other. (For better or worse…) Fighting games seem pretty simple: you put a couple of dudes together and make them punch/kick each other and sometimes wave a sword. I may be simplifying it but only for anyone unaware ofContinue reading “Artistically Speaking: The Importance of Originality with Nickelodeon All Star Brawl”

Artistically Speaking: YouTube Gaming and uricksaladbar

One of the most popular categories on YouTube is its gaming content. Let’s Plays, Video Game Reviews, Skits, and Animations, there’s a variety of ways to enjoy games on the site. And within the user base who make content, it’s not easy coming across ones who put out anything that isn’t substandard. Don’t get meContinue reading “Artistically Speaking: YouTube Gaming and uricksaladbar”

Artistically Speaking: Mario+Rabbids and Characterization

So recently, I’ve been trying to complete some video games on my Nintendo Switch to save space, and one game that I’ve decided to come back to was Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle. I know, I know, the concept itself sounds pretty insane and don’t even get me started on the guns. But despite allContinue reading “Artistically Speaking: Mario+Rabbids and Characterization”

Artistically Speaking: The Lovely Art of “A Hat In Time”

Platformers are games where the main appeal is moving a character in a space to get through levels. In this sense, think Mario or Sonic, where the focus of one is his jumps and the other is his speed. Sounds pretty simple and can be but it can also be much more memorable than that.Continue reading “Artistically Speaking: The Lovely Art of “A Hat In Time””

Artistically Speaking: The Mitchells vs The Machines

One animation studio that has really stood out in the crowd of others has been Sony Animation Studios. They’ve created plenty of animated movies before but in recent years, especially after the release of “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” they have been able to create such amazing movies that are astounding to look just as theyContinue reading “Artistically Speaking: The Mitchells vs The Machines”

Artistically Speaking: New Characters In Persona 5 Strikers

Have you ever seen something great and wanted to see what could make it greater? There’s plenty of aspects that can make any sort of media even better, and one of those things is adding new characters to your media. New characters open up to new perspectives on the same story and add to aContinue reading “Artistically Speaking: New Characters In Persona 5 Strikers”