Artistically Speaking: Suicide Squad (Kill The Justice League)

So, I may have missed a day unfortunately and even a post last week, but this week, I’ll make up for it! This choice was a bit of an odd one though, as it’s only a trailer that BARELY any news as of recently. But I caught this trailer yesterday and I had to ABSOLUTELYContinue reading “Artistically Speaking: Suicide Squad (Kill The Justice League)”

The New(ish) Art Exhibit in Cowan!

Spring is here! And with the new season coming around and classes ending soon, there’s a lot to be excited about! Especially for our art department, as we’ve got an all new exhibit by the Director of the Galleries himself, Jim Langer. Properly titled “So, Shall we Dis/Stance?”, this quarantine-themed collection features works by artists fromContinue reading “The New(ish) Art Exhibit in Cowan!”

For The First Time In Over 200 Years, New Blue Pigment Is Discovered

This new shade of blue called “YInMn” or “Yin Min Blue” was created accidentally by chemists at Oregon State University in 2009. The color had to first be approved by the Environmental Protection Agency in order for Yin Min Blue to be used for commercial use. It can be found for sale in select stores,Continue reading “For The First Time In Over 200 Years, New Blue Pigment Is Discovered”

Unveiling for Michael Rakowitz’s ‘The Invisible Enemy Should Not Exist’ in Trafalgar Square (Lamassau)

by: Malcolm Ford I feel this is a great unveiling of Michael Rakowitz’s project as a whole. ‘The Invisible Enemy Should Not Exist’ is the name of the project which seems to be a protest against the destruction and frankly pillaging of Iraqi art to be put in Western museums. A common and most strikingContinue reading “Unveiling for Michael Rakowitz’s ‘The Invisible Enemy Should Not Exist’ in Trafalgar Square (Lamassau)”

Swiss Museum Calls for the End of Lockdown

Some museums in Basel, Switzerland, had issued for a quick reopening as museums are necessary for the “mental well-being of all” and as long as public health precautions are in place, their reopening do not pose a threat to the public. The museums arguments were that typical visits do not accumulate a grand abundance ofContinue reading “Swiss Museum Calls for the End of Lockdown”

Mummy with Gold Tongue Found in Egypt

At the Taposiris Magna Temple in western Alexandria, Egypt, archaeologists discovered 16 burial shafts. In one of those shafts, they discovered a mummy who found a gold foil tongue in its mouth. This practice of being buried with a “golden tongue” was to ensure that the dead would be able to speak to the courtContinue reading “Mummy with Gold Tongue Found in Egypt”

Stolen Picasso from Athens Gallery May Still Be in Greece

About a decade ago, two thieves stole several pieces of artwork, including Picasso’s Head of a Woman, at the National Gallery in Athens. Since the break-in, museum curators have heightened their security system but new research suggests that the painting may still be in the country. Head of a Woman was painted in 1939  usingContinue reading “Stolen Picasso from Athens Gallery May Still Be in Greece”

Elderly and Artsy

For anyone who follows the art enigma, Banksy, you will be glad to know he’s created another piece which seems to be inspired by the pandemic held world we live in today. Around December 10th, he posted on his Instagram a picture of his work, which depicts an old lady sneezing and her dentures followingContinue reading “Elderly and Artsy”

Coloring for A Painter’s Home

The “Black Painter’s Academy” was created by Azikiwe Mohammed and is planned to be an educational establishment to help give art students the most in-depth artistic learning experience, without them ever spending a dime. However, there’s still a long way to go in order to fund an entire profit-free institution and all it’s supplies. So,Continue reading “Coloring for A Painter’s Home”