Hidden Murals Uncovered

Imagine you and your significant other buy a building and uncover centuries-old murals hidden within the walls. Sounds like a once in a lifetime find that not many people would get to see. But for one couple, this was a reality.

Lisa and Nick Timm who purchased the historical building

At the end of 2021, couple Lisa and Nick Timm decided to purchase a historical building in the small town of Okanogan, which is about four hours from Seattle, Washington. Their plans for the historical building were to renovate and convert it into a bar. During the early process of renovating, they discovered two giant sixty-foot murals hidden behind the plaster walls. The murals date back to 1907 when the building was a movie theater.

The murals discovered behind the walls of the historical building.

After the findings and examination of the murals, Lisa and Nick decided that it would be best that they be taken down, fixed and then re hung. Because of its large scale and the immense water damage, fixing the murals will be pricey but they have started a GoFundMe to help with some of the restoration of it. Once the murals are all fixed, they will become the focal point of their bar.

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