North Poll: A Hallmark Special

As some songs would have you believe, Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year (ahem! That should be October!). As someone who grew up with Christmas as a big holiday in our household, I have noticed how much Santa and his friends have developed over the years. You have the timeless, classic Coca-Cola Santa, everyone’s favorite space ranger: Tim Allen Santa, Rankin-Bass Santa, and the literal circle that is the cutesy, cartoony Santa. It is so strange and existential to think that Christmas is such an old holiday now, that people have been imagining what Santa looks like for years. For all we know, the man could look like anybody or anything. Maybe he isn’t even a man (but I won’t get into that).

It has made me wonder what Santa is most popular here in 2021. Out of the three people I have asked, they all love the timeless, classic look of Santa that we would see on the Coca-Cola ads. However, my favorite is the cartoon Santa that is so circular, his limbs shouldn’t be functional.

I have created a poll (The North Poll…. get it?) that I think would be fun if people could answer so we can see which Santa will survive this Christmas.

To access the poll, click the link below! Thanks and have fun!

Cover Photo by Susan Comish

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