Artistically Speaking: YouTube Gaming and uricksaladbar

One of the most popular categories on YouTube is its gaming content. Let’s Plays, Video Game Reviews, Skits, and Animations, there’s a variety of ways to enjoy games on the site. And within the user base who make content, it’s not easy coming across ones who put out anything that isn’t substandard. Don’t get me wrong, making videos takes plenty of time and effort, which is a dedication many don’t want to have to go through. (Trust me, writing this is NOT as easy as it looks and it’s a main part of the process.) But when millions of people are uploading every minute of every day, there’s bound to be a bunch of cluttered nonsense, especially when it comes to gaming content. Even with Youtube’s algorithm, there’s no guarantee you’ll find content creators that aren’t just appealing to the generalized population of children on the platform. Of course, it isn’t impossible to find videos made with great care and quality.

There are creators that create truly amazing experiences in videos, and related to today’s topic of gaming content, here’s a few: Scruffy, The Stupedium, SuperButterBuns, FunWithGuru, and chuggaaconroy. (P.S. All of these people do very different things but ALL of their content is an experience to be had so PLEASE check them out!) One of the diamonds in the rough I’ve found recently was a user known as “uricksaladbar”. He’s an artist who, for the past two years, has been creating visual commentaries as a basis of his views on certain games. All of his opinions and statements are all very honest and upfront towards the game he’s talking about, which helps when they’re factually checked up on. BUT THE VISUALS THEMSELVES ARE A MASTERPIECE! A perfect blend of colors that are simple yet effective, and he has an organized and comfortable layout that is made to specifically help the viewer interpret the video better.

In his Detroit: Become Human video, Urick explains the concept of deviancy in androids.

His art is also well done, whether he’s implementing the style of a piece of media (like DBZ, My Life as a Teenage Robot) or his own, it’s all related to how he portrays that character. His videos are also entirely animated, to make them feel all that more coherent when it comes to understanding his points.

An example of what Urick’s video format looks like when he’s making points about Chloe, from Life Is Strange.

This all comes together to make a video of his seem… uh, seamless which makes an hour long video feel much less than that. He also uses a lot of the same tactics that most others use to grab the attention of viewers, and while the colors are right, I can’t say if they work entirely. I recall many times I saw some of his videos pop into my feed but I never felt inclined to click them, so maybe that could use some work. But I promise that going into his videos, you are certainly getting a quality video with expert editing and one that looks appealing as well, so I encourage anyone to watch him if they’re interested in video essays. 

A funny illustration made to show off how uricksaladbar portrays the main characters of Omori.

He also has an instagram (under the same name), for you check out his art that he makes for the videos he creates. Either way, that’s all I have to say for this Youtuber, but maybe I’ll go more into depth with others that I find interesting, too! Until then….

Editor’s Note: Originally, this was only going to be a Monday Minute review, but I cared a bit too much about the topic and this creator to just leave it be. But I suppose that shows “dedication”, eh?

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