Monday Media Minute: Manyland

This one might be more than a minute… not that I ever count how long it should take to read these things. Anyways, the other day, I was watching one of my favorite Youtube animators known as Spicevipe. He has an original series known as RTTMOT (I’m not telling you what that means) and at the end of one of his videos, he left a link to a website called At first, I thought it was something he created specifically for fans of the show, so I went and explored it. I got lost and was also very confused on what I was supposed to be doing. A lot of directions were thrown at me and I didn’t understand any of them but I knew two things: I had an avatar and that I wanted a new avatar. I went searching for anything to change my skin and slowly I realized that this world was much bigger than I had imagined. 

Manyland is a user-made website where you can create pretty much anything you want. One thing I did was just travel onward for hours and I could not see an end for as long as I was on. It’s mostly an endless vast space of creativity from artists all around the world and it truly feels like you’re travelling through the internet. It’s amazing seeing all the things young artists have created understanding the website. I couldn’t at all but if you’d like to explore it like me, here’s a link: 

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