Monday Media Minute: Friday Night Funkin’ (2021)

Welcome to Monday Media Minute! A faster version of all my normal posts where I introduce you to a piece of media that I think everyone should enjoy, despite my terrible sense of society’s overall opinion. This week’s addition is Friday Night Funkin’!

Friday Night Funkin’ is a fantastically funky looking game that pays homage to Newgrounds, an early 2000s website that was primarily used by animators and artists alike. It’s a rhythm game that uses standard DDR controls (up, left, right, down). The game follows the simple story of Boyfriend and Girlfriend, that’s their actual names mind you, and how Boyfriend wants to prove to Girlfriend’s father that he should be able to date his daughter. You play along with the beat of the music and go up against some icons of Newgrounds, and some very interesting characters related to the game’s personal plot. Give it a shot, because believe it or not, this game’s FREE! 

Editor’s Note: this game is probably really easy but I’m highly incapable of even beating the dad, so be warned.

Published by Jonathan

Hey, it's ME, Jonathan Abney! I tend to write about the artistic attributes of music, video games, television shows and all things of the sort!

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