Artist Spotlight: Jonathan Abney

Jonathan Abney
Quarantine Cool, Jonathan Abney. Digitial.
Jonathan Abney

The GC Art Column’s own Jonathan Abney was born and raised in Greensboro, North Carolina. He is a Greensboro College junior majoring in Art. He enjoys video games, YouTube, animations, and art.

“Since 2nd grade, [art has] been something I’ve always enjoyed doing.” Stated Abney. “It started as something I did on the side of worksheets in class, a lot of my early teachers either liked or hated that. My mom liked my art and the little books I made A LOT, so I knew it made others happy.”

Eric Icon, Jonathan Abney. Digital

It wasn’t until middle school that Jonathan started to take his art seriously, when a friend of his introduced him to comics. It was then that he realized he wanted to be a cartoonist.

“I wanna be something where I’d be able to substantially support myself and get to do what I enjoy.” He says as he reflects on his future as an artist. “I don’t really have a concrete plan but I don’t feel entirely clueless on where I want to be. I enjoy lots of animated shows, video games, and contrary to popular, I’m not a vivid comic reader. I enjoy them all the same because they all spark ideas for my own head.”

Pinked Lovers, Jonathan Abney. Digital

Jonathan has practiced in many different mediums while being an art major at Greensboro College but is more gravitated towards traditional drawing and drawing digitally.

So far, Jonathan has done several commissions as well as made comics for the Greensboro College newspaper, The Collegian.

Summer Cover, Jonathan Abney. Digital.

You can find Jonathan and check out his works on his Instagram and Twitter which will be found below!



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