Weezer Stan Breaks Down “OK Human” Part 2 of 4

To continue with our saga, we must look at the next song on the album, “Numbers.” “Numbers” feels a lot like a classic Weezer ballad. The melody reminds me a lot of something that would come off of the Red album. The way Rivers shouts is in much resemblance of a Pinkerton song, but withoutContinue reading “Weezer Stan Breaks Down “OK Human” Part 2 of 4″

Weezer Stan Breaks Down “OK Human” Part 1 of 4

On January 29th, 2021, the American rock band Weezer released their fourteenth album, “OK Human.” This album is hands down one of the best albums of our entire lives, and I am not just saying that as Weezer’s number one fan. So, I am gonna break down every song on the album along with theContinue reading “Weezer Stan Breaks Down “OK Human” Part 1 of 4”

Monday Media Minute: Friday Night Funkin’ (2021)

Welcome to Monday Media Minute! A faster version of all my normal posts where I introduce you to a piece of media that I think everyone should enjoy, despite my terrible sense of society’s overall opinion. This week’s addition is Friday Night Funkin’! Friday Night Funkin’ is a fantastically funky looking game that pays homageContinue reading “Monday Media Minute: Friday Night Funkin’ (2021)”