Facing the Faceless: Anna Leporskaya’s Faceless Painting Ruined After Security Guard Draws Faces On It

Anna Leporskaya’s “Three Figures” painting was on display during an abstract art exhibition at the Yeltsin Center in Yekaterinburg, Russia. The painting is of three faceless figures that are positioned to be facing the viewers.

The painting was ruined by a 60-year-old security guard on his first day on the job when he decided to take a ballpoint pen and draw eyes on the faces. He had said he was bored after his first day. The unnamed security guard has since been fired.

The painting, originally worth roughly $740,000, will costs roughly $2,470 to restore the painting. The Yeltsin Center confirmed that the painting will be restored easily and can be fixed without any consequences to the painting.

The company that hired the security guard is also allegedly going to be paying for the damages.

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