The New(ish) Art Exhibit in Cowan!

Spring is here! And with the new season coming around and classes ending soon, there’s a lot to be excited about! Especially for our art department, as we’ve got an all new exhibit by the Director of the Galleries himself, Jim Langer. Properly titled “So, Shall we Dis/Stance?”, this quarantine-themed collection features works by artists from all over our campus including Elizabeth Hawkins, Sasha Cline, Jakym Clark, Jordan Deaton, Christopher Pierce, Destinee Allen, and Angelica Vejar from the art department. 

Additionally, it’s a collaboration with professional artists and alumni of the college, featuring pieces from Maryse Lörtscher, Mark Brown, Katie O’Gara, and Scott Raynor.

I want to give special attention to this beautiful work titled “Life and Death” by Kirstyn Kuhn. Once a major in Fine Arts, she has clearly been continuing her artistic pursuits in her time since graduating. Kirstyn has been an artist since she was little, and this interest led her to Greensboro College. Seeing her artistic progression from a student to now has really impressed Professor Langer and he very much enjoyed her submission.

Which reminds me of the best part about the exhibit… I’M IN IT! MY WORK IS IN THERE GO LOOK AT IT!!! I’M FAMO– *ahem* I mean to say that it’s still accepting submissions, from artists and non-artists alike! Just go up to the tables in the Mezzanine (the upper level in the entrance of Cowan) and use the materials there. The exhibit will be up until April 15th, so get what you can up there for everyone to see it!

I want to credit Destinee Allen, from the art department, for these ABSOLUTELY STUNNING photos of the exhibit. Her email (along with some of the other artists mentioned in this article) will be linked below, if you have any outside interest in what these artists have to offer.

Destinee Allen:

Maryse Lörtscher:

Jim Langer:

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