Artist Spotlight: Sasha Cline

Sasha Cline

Sasha Cline is a Greensboro College Art and Psychology major who lives in Greensboro, North Carolina. Originally from Russia, Sasha was adopted by her mother in 2001 and has lived in Greensboro since.

Sasha Cline, Oil and Acrylic

Sasha has been working in art for as long as she can remember. She prefers working in watercolor and encaustic and uses her art as an emotional outlet and just thoroughly enjoys making art. She says, “I am free to create whatever I want [and] whatever makes me happy without having strict guidelines to follow or having the approval of others.” Sasha wants to show people a different point of view when they look at her art. 

Hit, Sasha Cline, Wax on Canvas

Currently, she is studying both Art and Psychology to work towards getting a counseling degree in art therapy. “I want to help people who have a hard time expressing their emotions and [who] struggle with mental disorders,” says Sasha. “I think art has a therapeutic element that many people need in helping them express how they feel or just cope with everyday life.”

Sasha Cline, Ink transfer with Stamp
Sasha Cline, Pastel and Pencil

However, Sasha has faced many hardships along the way in her art career. Being a perfectionist, she sometimes feels that her art is not good enough and has often found herself frustrated trying to create the “perfect” piece of art. “I would draw it over and over until I felt it was ‘right’ but in the end, it never felt good enough,” says Sasha. She also comments on how there are many other talented artists and compares her work to theirs, discouraging herself and her own talents.

Sasha Cline, Oil and Acrylic

Sasha continues to study towards her degrees at Greensboro College in hopes to later get her Masters in either counseling or therapy.

You can find Sasha and her work on her Instagram below:

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