“Brushstroke Chair and Ottoman” by Roy Lichtenstein

By: Malcolm Ford A truly intricate piece of work with a very interesting but simple design. Reminds me of sludge or pond scum flowing down a strong river. The base of the chair and ottoman perfectly mimic the action of the roots of the tree trying to grasp onto and return to the soil likeContinue reading ““Brushstroke Chair and Ottoman” by Roy Lichtenstein”

“Home in the Mountains” by Catherine Haggarty

By: Malcolm Ford I find this piece really interesting in how it is abstract and almost doodle-like. Personally, I just see a mixture of a lot of jagged or sharp teeth and a myriad of faces along with a few shapes and forms like the foxes or the honey badger among other things. There isContinue reading ““Home in the Mountains” by Catherine Haggarty”

Monday Media Minute: Friday Night Funkin’ (2021)

Welcome to Monday Media Minute! A faster version of all my normal posts where I introduce you to a piece of media that I think everyone should enjoy, despite my terrible sense of society’s overall opinion. This week’s addition is Friday Night Funkin’! Friday Night Funkin’ is a fantastically funky looking game that pays homageContinue reading “Monday Media Minute: Friday Night Funkin’ (2021)”

“Walk the Light” Genesis Tramaine

by: Malcolm Ford It’s hard to describe Genesis Tramaine’s specific style for portraiture but maybe that’s the point of their work. It’s easy to see just from the way it looks how it was created with raw emotion and expression but also deep consideration of what to highlight or draw attention to in that portrait,Continue reading ““Walk the Light” Genesis Tramaine”

Artistically Speaking!

Hi! I’m Jonathan Abney! I’m an art major who writes for the website and I wanted to introduce you to my segment called Artistically Speaking. It goes over all sorts of media, television shows, video games, movies, and essentially anything that catches my eye. I wanna talk about how things work artistically in everyday lifeContinue reading “Artistically Speaking!”

Artistically Speaking: De Blob

Hey, so today I wanna talk about a video game that has been a part of my life since childhood and apparently everyone else’s too! Coming out originally in 2008, De blob is a platformer that has a small irregularly shaped blob (hence the name) that has the power to color the world that heContinue reading “Artistically Speaking: De Blob”

Unveiling for Michael Rakowitz’s ‘The Invisible Enemy Should Not Exist’ in Trafalgar Square (Lamassau)

by: Malcolm Ford I feel this is a great unveiling of Michael Rakowitz’s project as a whole. ‘The Invisible Enemy Should Not Exist’ is the name of the project which seems to be a protest against the destruction and frankly pillaging of Iraqi art to be put in Western museums. A common and most strikingContinue reading “Unveiling for Michael Rakowitz’s ‘The Invisible Enemy Should Not Exist’ in Trafalgar Square (Lamassau)”

“Speakers Outside Justice Center 11” Portland, OR

by Malcolm Ford The crowd suggests that this demonstration was successful and all who could draw the nerve were able to speak their hearts at the stage and explain some of their frustrations with such a faulty system. Those few got to be the burning spears of the offense of police and judicial reform. YouContinue reading ““Speakers Outside Justice Center 11” Portland, OR”

“Black Lives Matter Protestor Shouts at Cop and Back the Blue Demonstrators” Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY

by Malcolm Ford A powerful scene yet one of many in Steve Mumford’s collection of drawings and paintings of his day to day in New York. With the BLM movement in full swing and all of the demonstrations going on this was obviously a great opportunity for him as well as helping spread awareness throughContinue reading ““Black Lives Matter Protestor Shouts at Cop and Back the Blue Demonstrators” Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY”