Monday Media Minute: Art Fight

Art Fight is an online competition where artists of all sorts go and draw each other’s art characters, also known as Original Characters (OCs). Artists are split into two teams with different themes, such as Sugar and Spice. By drawing another artist’s OCs, you “attack” them and gain points for your team. This event has been going on for years and it’s a great way to introduce yourself to different art communities and challenge yourself personally. Although there tends to be a fluctuation of people, it’s not hard to make friends if you connect with them on different platforms, such as the Art Fight Discord! Go here and check out Art Fight on the website or join the Art Fight Discord server today:

Editor’s Note: This is probably the worst time to post this but to next year, I suppose! It’s still a great community to surround yourself with!

Published by Jonathan

Hey, it's ME, Jonathan Abney! I tend to write about the artistic attributes of music, video games, television shows and all things of the sort!

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