Malcolm Ford – Senior Exhibition

Star Cruel

Art comes in many forms and has a very inaccurate way of being created. For example it’s easy to call anything “Art” but it always seems to be up to the viewer what falls into these classifications. If I had to choose a constant theme I more than likely couldn’t as these were all done at different times in different head-spaces. I mainly just create what seems interesting to me in the moment. For this show, I wanted to focus on digital art and showcase the skills and techniques I’ve learned over my years at Greensboro College. 

Many of the pieces were particularly challenging for me as my color theory still needs improvement,  but the only way to move forward in art is to get over your shortcomings and work towards improving them while making strides towards something better in the next piece. A large portion of these were first sketched then digitized, excluding the animations. There is still much I am not familiar with and there are so many possibilities within the medium of digital art so I definitely plan to continue this work after graduation.

Titles for the artwork posted above, in order:

  • Thorns Theatre
  • Zed Cubed
  • Voied
  • Atlantis to Interzone
  • Jevil
  • No
  • Ex-pired
  • Death Bringer
  • Cheshire
  • Chained Expression
  • Captured Heart
  • StarCruel
  • Reapers 6
  • Darza
  • Tortured Soul
  • Ozcar
  • Chained lfrit
  • Skeletal Wish
  • Ozcar Darq
  • Fox


  • Knives
  • Running Blazt
  • Never Bloom
  • Zeh Door

Character Sketches

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