Monday Media Minute: Balan’s Wonderworld (2021)

One game that I’ve been keeping in the back of my mind since I first saw it would definitely have to be Balan’s Wonderworld. I’m unaccustomed to this game’s gameplay and story, but it’s art style, music, and premise are all too familiar. This game has carried a nostalgic taste in my mouth since I first laid eyes on it… which I suppose is weird for my eyes and mouth to have such a connection but I digress. With a similar feel to the late 1990s of the famous gaming company Sega, this game really captures a feel for what it’s going for. With a message that tells us of what negativity and positivity can truly mean, you feel like you’re in for a ride. Now, I can’t entirely recommend it, just simply because I’ve heard of the bad reviews it has received, but I can’t allow the mastery of music in this game to be overlooked. 

Balan Wonderworld | Know Your Meme

With a great use of trumpets and jazz, the soundtrack is interspersed with love and a devotion to musical theatre and plays. It’ll remind you plenty of what you love about those things and more. It might even prompt an interest in the game itself. Here’s a playlist of the game’s soundtrack:–C_1xObp3QWaE5OPEiUlLD1Do8

Editor’s Note: PLEASE listen to the Final Boss Clear Musical, it’s a musical masterpiece, which is an understatement. Now for me to get back to listening to Balan’s Bout.

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