Only Breath by Ali Banisadr

By: Malcolm Ford This image gives off an overall creepy overtone. It almost seems like a masked specter is floating about creeping down the street. The figure appears as if they’re cloaked or draped with something shawl-like with a polka dotted undershirt, drifting through what I can only describe as a mix between a forestContinue reading “Only Breath by Ali Banisadr”

The Caravan by Ali Banisadr

By: Malcolm Ford This image evokes a lot of emotions from the sporadic and bold use of these wild and swaying brush strokes to create such an interesting abstraction. It “looks” like a caravan by some stretch of the imagination, maybe even a circus caravan by the wheel in the lower half of the paintingContinue reading “The Caravan by Ali Banisadr”

“The Moon” by Ling Jian

By: Malcolm Ford Just a beautiful personification of the celestial body. If that’s the exact effect the artist was going for. The overall pose reminds me of the arc the moon will follow at night. The expression she gives off is one of true disinterest, as if the viewer is the second thought in herContinue reading ““The Moon” by Ling Jian”

“Walk the Light” Genesis Tramaine

by: Malcolm Ford It’s hard to describe Genesis Tramaine’s specific style for portraiture but maybe that’s the point of their work. It’s easy to see just from the way it looks how it was created with raw emotion and expression but also deep consideration of what to highlight or draw attention to in that portrait,Continue reading ““Walk the Light” Genesis Tramaine”