Only Breath by Ali Banisadr

By: Malcolm Ford This image gives off an overall creepy overtone. It almost seems like a masked specter is floating about creeping down the street. The figure appears as if they’re cloaked or draped with something shawl-like with a polka dotted undershirt, drifting through what I can only describe as a mix between a forestContinue reading “Only Breath by Ali Banisadr”

The Caravan by Ali Banisadr

By: Malcolm Ford This image evokes a lot of emotions from the sporadic and bold use of these wild and swaying brush strokes to create such an interesting abstraction. It “looks” like a caravan by some stretch of the imagination, maybe even a circus caravan by the wheel in the lower half of the paintingContinue reading “The Caravan by Ali Banisadr”