Coloring for A Painter’s Home

The “Black Painter’s Academy” was created by Azikiwe Mohammed and is planned to be an educational establishment to help give art students the most in-depth artistic learning experience, without them ever spending a dime. However, there’s still a long way to go in order to fund an entire profit-free institution and all it’s supplies. So, with the minds of a few artists and respectively Alva Calymayor, they came up with the idea to produce coloring pages with the talents of many minorities. You can download them for $10 on their website and with their fundraiser having reached over $22,000, there’s a bright future for Mohammed and Calymayor’s dream. I admire this creative idea, not the first thing I would’ve thought of but I’m glad a lot of people are into books and coloring.

Published by Jonathan

Hey, it's ME, Jonathan Abney! I tend to write about the artistic attributes of music, video games, television shows and all things of the sort!

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