Social Geometries Exhibit

Back in October of this year, the Greensboro College art department showcased artwork done by artist Kenn Kotara. Kenn Kotara is a mixed-media abstract artist based out of Asheville, North Carolina. The name of this exhibit was, Social Geometries, as it was a continuation of his exploration into the anthropological quality of Braille and the consideration of metaphorical implications to human interaction. Creating a visual representation of the braille language he portrays the concept that even though we may be able to see something that is in front of us, our pre-existing beliefs and biases impair us from understanding what we really see.

Kenn Kotara’s installation piece. Layed across the floor, each golden piece of paper is indented with Braille lettering.
Braille on thin steel sheet
Braille on painted canvas

Instead of just having a flat sheet of paper on the wall with braille on it, he chose to dance between both two and three-dimensional spaces. His use of different patterns and colors on paper, wood, and or steel really brings out an interesting texture in his work. Because of the texture being so visually appealing in these works, it feels as if each piece is inviting you to come and take a closer “look” at them.

Kenn Kotara does hold local and out of state exhibitions of his work and if you are curious to know more about him and his previous works, you can check out his website

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