For The First Time In Over 200 Years, New Blue Pigment Is Discovered

This new shade of blue called “YInMn” or “Yin Min Blue” was created accidentally by chemists at Oregon State University in 2009.

The color had to first be approved by the Environmental Protection Agency in order for Yin Min Blue to be used for commercial use.

It can be found for sale in select stores, but don’t rush over to your local craft store just yet, as a 1.3-ounce can go for $179.40.

The color is so special due to how opaque it is and is much more durable than Prussian blue. It also reflects infrared radiation, keeping the surface underneath cool.

Artists like it for its use of color, but what is especially important is what the pigment does for environmental regulations when it comes to building products.

Though the pigment is approved for commercial use, it is rare to find it, as some find it too expensive, and then it seems that those that do buy it, buy it for bragging rights.


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