Swiss Museum Calls for the End of Lockdown

Some museums in Basel, Switzerland, had issued for a quick reopening as museums are necessary for the “mental well-being of all” and as long as public health precautions are in place, their reopening do not pose a threat to the public.

The museums arguments were that typical visits do not accumulate a grand abundance of visitors and, while the world is in such a strange and uneasy time, visiting the museums are important to people’s cultural benefit as well as their mental health.

Most governments across Europe have proposed for stricter lockdown measures as well as curfews in an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19. Museums are struggling financially to stay open as a second major lockdown was placed. They are hoping to end the lockdown on museums before spring, but the vote on whether or not to end the lockdown won’t be until June.

Museum curators continue to argue the importance of the community being engaged with its cultural history and how the continuation of a lockdown may halt the education and culture which comes with visiting the museums.


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